Friday, August 28, 2009

Something different with my hair

I'm thinking about it again, doing something drastic with my hair. It's taken my 5+ years to grow out my hair since I cut it all off into a short bob up to my ears. I didn't really enjoy the shortness but I still want to do something different with my hair. That or get a tattoo, but I think that requires much more deliberation.

I think going super pink would be amazeballs! Take for example Gala Darling and Tarina Tarintino.

Source: Gala Darling, Gala's Flickr, Tarina Tarantino

But then again, I'm not sure my complexion will work as well. I'm also not keen on the being a high maintenance kind gal. My hair grows pretty damn quick so roots will definitely be an issue. Or how about something with a little less commitment and maintenance! I could rock out a wig à la Natalie Portman in Closer.

Source: Cheapskate Chick

Then I came across this... and my future suddenly became clear, hair-wise at least. Everything else is still a bit muddled.

Source: Vintage is the New Black

That is all.


Eyeliah said...

Oh pink hair would be so amazing! you could always start with pink highlights too! :-) I wanted to go pink, but choose blue first to adjust to this idea of bright colored hair..

♥ Donna Vitan said...

Yeah, I saw the blue back in the archives of your blog - which by the way, I'm glad that you got back. Thanks Eyeliah.